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Mission Statement:
LWCC strives to be a safe haven for liberal women and their allies to support, educate, and encourage one another to be actively involved in our government; and, furthermore, seeks to advance advocacy issues and campaigns that align with our progressive values of inclusivity and equal rights for all people.

What we do

Connect People

Community Events

At LWCC we have larger meet-ups for the entire group, but we also have smaller neighborhood groups where members can connect with people that live in their own neighborhoods to build support on a very local and basic level. These events include dinners, knitting groups, trips to local farms, and many other opportunities.

Educate Citizens


LWCC strives to bring the most up-to-date information and resources available to our members, in order for us to make informed decisions and advocacy efforts for our community and have confidence in our ability to navigate the process. This is achieved through expert speakers, educational forums, partnering with organizations, and providing a safe environment for communication.

Advance Equality 

Call to Action

LWCC has a broad range of advocacy subgroups that members may participate in. You are given guidance on how to advocate for an issue you feel passionate about. There are daily calls to action that cover everything from local community-based issues all the way up to federal policies. This may include community service work, community outreach, or speaking face-to-face with our representatives to give your personal story of how their polices affect your family. Involvement level is up to each member.

What we do

Who we are


LWCC is a grassroots community of mostly women, who have come together since the 2016 presidential election to support and advocate for each other by growing our understanding and involvement in local, state, and federal government. 


We hope to make Chesterfield County an example of how concerned citizens can help shape the way politicians listen and engage with their constituents. We strive to be a support force for our local candidates and advocacy organizations and a true voice for our communities to be represented in Virginia.

Who we are



90 for 90 
Chesterfield County Democratic Committee 
Request Membership

Request Membership

Click on the Membership Form button and fill out the form. Check your Facebook Message Requests folder for a message from our New Member Contact. If you are not on Facebook, she will contact you via email. Membership is free. We are happy to help you on your way to becoming an active member of LWCC.

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